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  • Agro-technical assessment of land
  • Buying and selling agricultural lands
  • Selecting GPS coordinates and preparing maps

Agrotechnical assessment of lands allows to determine which crops are recommended for a particular plot of land - taking into account climatic conditions, soil, irrigation water, terrain and other circumstances.

Part of the service, as a result of the visit of the company's agronomists, technical managers and agro engineers, the agro-technical characteristics of the land are assessed: relief, soil cover, swamp, climate, windberak, irrigation capacities, etc. Soil and irrigation ph and ec are also checked.
If necessary, during the visit, soil samples are taken correctly in an accredited laboratory for analysis of the basic parameters.

Based on the results obtained, a conclusion will be issued that will allow you to easily make a decision: which crops are recommended for your plot, what potential it has and what risks may exist in the production process of a particular agribusiness.

The most important factor for the implementation of a successful business is the appropriate land resources and the location of the business.
Agro land, on the one hand, helps those interested in purchasing agricultural land to find a plot of land for a specific business activity. Within the framework of the service, agronomists, agro engineers of the company's experts perform agro-technical assessment of the plot, determine the potential, identify risks and determine its compliance with the business activity selected by the client.
After analyzing these factors, the company offers the client a specific plot of land.
Agro land, on the other hand, helps those interested in selling agricultural land to find clients and sell the land. 
To simplify the process of buying and selling agricultural lands, agro land has created an online platform www.Agroland.Ge which connects the buyer and the seller.
The company also resolves all technical or legal issues related to land settlement or re-registration.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling the property, please submit the following questionnaire

Land surveying drawings are not required for its registration only. It is important to take gps coordinates and prepare various measurement drawings and maps for the cultivation plan, infrastructure placement, internal roads, fencing and other technical works on a specific land area.
Modern, accurate equipment and accredited specialists provide all kinds of technical tasks on the land owned by the client.
As part of the service, agro land also carries out photo-video shooting of lands through the aerodrome, processing materials and making maps.